Firefly: Out to the Black is a bit different than a lot of games because, in this one, 3 to 5 of ya will be cooperatin’ with each other, tryin’ your best to survive the various entanglements the game throws at you. Ya ain’t competin’ with each other here: either everyone wins or everyone loses.

For each round there’s a Job that can be completed in one of four ways using the Skills you and your team possess. The better you do at the Job, the more rewards you and your crew reap... but if you do poorly, you’re sure to suffer some harsh penalties. The Alliance is hot on your tail, Gorramit Cards can make just about anything go wrong, and improving your situation is usually going to cost you some Credits or Honor. In the end, if you’ve been able to skirt by without usin’ up all your Credits or Honor, haven’t taken every card in the Alliance deck, and’ve completed all the Jobs Cards, then you and your team win. Be careful though; it’s a might tougher than it looks cuz nothin’s easy when you’re out in the black.



Firefly: Out to the Black is a fun, immersive co-operative card game for three to five players working together to plot a course through hostile environments and unexpected turns-of-fate in a game system designed to thwart them. There are ninety-six cards and two sets of tokens representing honor and credits. Inside the decks, familiar scenes and subtle nods to the show are well-presented -- something you browncoats are sure to appreciate!

To Begin, each player chooses a crew member for the game. Each character has a unique ability and three primary statistics: FIGHTIN', FLYIN', and THINKIN'. Six Honor and six Credits are placed in the ship's pool, and each player draws a number of Serenity Cards as noted on their Character Card. Finally, set out a number of Job cards appropriate to the size of your crew. At this point, the first player will become the Leader, and the game begins!

The game plays in a sequence of phases: Prospect, Job, Aftermath, and Cooldown. 

In the Prospect Phase, the Leader is given an opportunity to play a bonus from her hand or use a prospect ability from her Character Card, then she flips over the top card in the Job deck and puts it face-up where everybody can see it. 

In the Job Phase, the Leader picks her team based on the size of the job. It could be a solo job for her alone, or it could involve the entire crew. Pay attention to everyone’s Skill Numbers because those are crucial to beating the Job Card's Target Skills. The team members consult their Game Abilities, Credit and Honor Actions, and their in-hand Serenity Cards for anything they can play to help complete the Job. 

In the Aftermath phase, things can get hairy. The Leader flips over a GORRAMIT Card and, unless you're awfully lucky, it's gonna be bad news. Gorramit cards might increase the job's Target Skill numbers, add additional conditions, or even negate previously played Serenity cards! Fate is a two-sided coin, however, so after the GORRAMIT card is revealed, the Leader draws three Serenity cards from the deck. These cards have a Result Number in the lower left corner that gives another adjustment to the team's FIGHTIN', FLYIN' and THINKIN' scores.

The Leader compares her team's total Skill Numbers against the Target Skill Numbers on the Job Card. Success earns Credits and Honor for the entire crew. Failure has a cost that's got to be paid and might put the Alliance on your trail. Fall somewhere in between and the 'Verse only know what you'll end up with. Pass the role of Leader to the next crew member, discard all the cards in play, and keep flyin'.

To win Firefly: Out To The Black, the players have to complete all the jobs in the Job Deck without losing all of their Credits or all of their Honor or drawing all of the Alliance Cards. Fail at even one of those goals and the entire crew is grounded! 

Firefly: Out to the Black includes:

  • 9 Character Cards 
  • 22 Job Cards 
  • 36 Serenity Cards 
  • 14 Alliance Cards 
  • 15 Gorramit Cards 
  • 26 Credit Tokens 
  • 26 Honor Tokens 
  • 7 Skill Tracker Tokens 
  • 1 Skill Tracker 
  • 1 Set of Rules


Game Designer: Ed Bryan

Art & Graphic Design: Zac Pensol

Publisher: Toy Vault, Inc.

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