T H E   C R E A T O R S  

Toy Vault is proud that we were the first toy company in the world to credit all the artists involved with our products on our toy packaging.

We understand that if it weren’t for the wonderfully talented sculptors, illustrators, and painters, we couldn't produce the fine quality products we have become famous for.

We would like to give some brief information on a few of the many artists that have contributed to the success of our company.


Raven Hood Raven Hood has done several sculpts for the cold cast statue hobby market under his label Wondermass Idealab, and worked for Walt Disney and McFarlane Toys, among many other companies. For Toy Vault he has sculpted Aeryn for Farscape Series I, The Peacekeeper Aeryn figure, Rygel for Farscape Series II, all 4 mini-bobblers for Godzilla, the head sculpts for the Minister of Silly Walks and many more.
Daniel Horne Daniel Horne has been an illustrator and painter for over 15 years, with over 200 paperback and 138 hardcover covers in print. He created and sculpted the look for our first 6 Middle-earth figures Frodo, Gandalf, Balrog, Uglúk, Gimli and Gollum. He was also co-sculptor on Lord Of The Nazgûl.
Sam Greenwell Sam Greenwell has become one of the comic industry’s most well known sculptors. His work has appeared in SPECTRUM: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art Volumes 3 & 4. He sculpted The Samaritan for our Astro City line and co-sculpted Lord Of The Nazgûl for Lord Of The Rings.
Harry Moore
Harry Moore has over 10 years of working with various licensed characters,including graphics and packaging for numerous Toy Vault products!
Zac Pensol Zac Pensol currently our Project Director and In-House Artist, started off his relationship with Toy Vault in 2005 working as a freelance artist throughout college, where he studied art.  Zac has been working in various mediums almost his entire life and has many artistic achievements under his belt outside of his work for Toy Vault including awards in illustration, computer graphics and film making.
Chris Quilliams has been an illustrator/freelance artist in the gaming industry for the last decade and has worked on such properties as Conan, Elric of Melnibone, Shadowfist (ccg), Starship Troopers, Ruin Quest, Dungeons & Dragons Slayer's Guides d 20 supplements, Traveller, Banestorm, Cybernet, Slaine and Godzilla. He's lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for most of his life and went through the fine arts program at the University of Manitoba.  In 2011, he won BGG's "Golden Geek" award for "Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation" for his artwork on "Merchants and Marauders".
  Karl Sanders is a true sculpting genius. He has created numerous sculpts for the Franklin Mint. He has sculpted for Toy Vault the Hanging Judge for Deadlands, Galadriel for Lord Of The Rings, and all the EverQuest Series One action figures except the Gnoll.
Ron Spencer
Ron Spencer has created numerous paintings and drawings for Magic The Gathering, TSR, White Wolf, and Toy Vault, among many other companies. For Toy Vault he has painted the Mithril Dragon and Angel Of Vengeance for our gaming supply line, and designed many plush including Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Shoggoth, Baba Yaga, The Deep One, Anubis, and many more.
David Wilson
David Wilson has worked as a sculptor and designer in the toy and giftware industries for over fifteen years.  Over the past seven years he has owned and operated a busy studio under the title Wilson Art Works. Wilson Art Works has sculpted and designed products for industry leaders such as Hasbro, Safari Ltd, Evenflo, American Greetings, Kurt S. Adler and many others. Wilson Art Works has also created numerous murals and decorative painting projects for both commercial buildings and private residents'.  For Toy Vault Wilson Art Works has created the head sculpt for the Inigo Montoya doll, the game pieces for the Python-opoly board game and designed several plush toys for the Godzilla, Princess Bride and Labyrinth lines.

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