Item # 72001
UPC Code: 6 51174 72001 2
Product Dimensions: 7.75"x10.5"x2.5"
Suggested Retail Price: $9.95

Description: Toy Vault is stoked to announce the arrival of Baked van der Stoned, of the renowned Budville van der Stoneds. Baked is the first figure from our top secret Posers line! Known to his friends as Baked Baked, he was born in a purple haze at 4:20 on a Friday afternoon. Baked Baked is president of the local chapter of the Chiba Club. Club activities include baking batches of special brownies, ripping crispy bingers and burning bowls followed by the consumption of large quantities of chips, cookies, candy bars, ice cream, pizza, pretty much anything edible and some things that aren’t. Look for future Posers from Toy Vault in the coming months.
Item # 72002
UPC Code: 6 51174 72002 9
Product Dimensions: 9.5"x2.5"x6"
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

Description: Given the proper name of Cheerful McBliss when born, Bliss Bliss quickly earned his nickname because he was always so … well, blissful; even when inappropriate. Like the time when his Grandfather passed away. Bliss’ eulogy was comprised of a string of off-color jokes followed by hysterical laughter; or during his first job interview when he cracked jokes about the owner’s toupee. While sometimes outlandish, Bliss has something that many people strive for … to always have a smile on his face … but then again that’s probably because he’s laughing at you.



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