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Pathfinder RPG Art Proudly Featured on Toy Vault Jigsaw Puzzles

In early 2021, Toy Vault debuted two 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle products featuring licensed art from the popular fantasy RPG, Pathfinder. The initial two designs both featured the work of legendary fantasy artist Wayne Reynolds, who has produced breathtaking scenes of adventure and intrigue for Pathfinder since its inception nearly 20 years ago.

The Core Rulebook design (seen here) features iconic characters from the RPG, including Harsk the dwarven ranger, Merisiel the elven rogue and Kyra the human cleric, all doing battle with a massive, fire-breathing dragon.

Meanwhile, Bestiary (seen here - features some more of the fantasy world’s monstrous inhabitants, including three mischievous kobolds, an enraged ogre and a giant, menacing hydra.

When asked about his history with producing fantasy art like the imagery featured in these two puzzles, Reynolds said, “I have been working in the RPG industry for almost 30 years, with my first piece of art being featured in 1993.”

“I was working with Paizo when they took over Dragon and Dungeon Magazines,” Reynolds explained. “I was doing some cover art for them, so when they started Pathfinder I was one of the first people they approached about providing art for the game.”

“It is exciting to be able to work on something from the ground level. My experience with Pathfinder has been massively enjoyable. I just love everything about that sort of world.”
When asked about what pieces of art are his personal favorites to create, Reynolds said, “Mainly the iconic characters, as my specialty is in character design. I love being able to tie history to fantasy, and I always do a lot of historical research before beginning work on that type of a project.”

Speaking specifically about his art being used to create jigsaw puzzle products, as well as how he thinks he’d fare putting them together himself, Reynolds said, “I like doing jigsaw puzzles. They are relaxing, and I think they also make for a good exercise as an artist. I am probably the wrong person to do a puzzle featuring my own artwork, though, because I already know the image so well.”

“I imagine it would be sort of like a musician dancing to their own music,” Reynolds added.
Fans of Pathfinder, fans of Wayne Reynolds, and fans of fantasy art in general have made these jigsaw puzzle items two of Toy Vault’s most popular new offerings this year, and it is with great excitement that we announce two more brand new puzzles featuring Pathfinder imagery
– Gamemastery Guide and Gods & Magic.

Gamemastery Guide once again showcases a wonderful piece of Reynolds art, this time depicting Alaznist, one of the game’s villains, ascending a staircase while holding onto an impressive-looking spear-type weapon in one hand. Towering above her is a large black dragon with giant horns, red eyes and wings extended.

Gods & Magic> features work by the talented Russian artist Ekaterina Burnak. The scene depicts the Starstone near the top, with three characters below. These three characters at Cayden Cailean, Iomedae and Norgorber, all of whom ascended to godhood after touching the Starstone, according to official Pathfinder lore.

These two all-new Pathfinder puzzles are available now, just in time for the 2021 holiday season.

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