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There's a Nest of Dragons Inside the Toy Vault!

Nothing is more iconic in the fantasy genre than the dragon. Well, except maybe for waiting for the next book. HURRY UP GEORGE!!!

When my great-great-great... uh... great-great.... look, he was really great but I forget HOW great, okay?... grandfather back in 1986 nibbled on the very first issue of Dungeon Magazine at his local "Something To Do Store", it kickstarted our family's love for fantasy. It was filled with short "modules" for a pretty fun-looking role playing game, and he was so excited to finally have his grubby rat paws on this new publication. Right there on the front cover, in all it's menacing glory ... a red dragon! The colossal brute stood protectively over his treasure horde, poised to leap out of the cover and rip you to shreds with razor sharp talons! Or maybe roast you alive with an inferno blast! Us rats usually aren't too worried about dragons - they want more meat than we've got to offer - so I just tend to think of them as cool. The painting on that cover, by legendary artist Keith Parkinson, is one of my favorites to this day... and I've chewed on a LOT of fantasy gaming magazines.

The point of all this is that Toy Vault just got in a new shipment of their classic red dragon plush! These guys have been gone for a while, but now they're BACK and redder and dragon-er than ever! There's two: the high-quality, exquisitely detailed, full-size Red Dragon and - my favorite - the Mini Red Dragon plush, and to celebrate, how about a limited time deal: you can get both for one special price of $45. Get 'em while they're hot (they're dragons so, ya know, being hot is kind of their thing)

Thanks for joining in with me this week Inside the Toy Vault!