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Toy Vault takes a road trip to Gen Con 2021

Toy Vault made a splash in Indianapolis, IN last week alongside partner brands Mchezo Puzzles and Flying Buffalo at Gen Con 2021.

I was super excited to go after a 2020 that was full of show cancellations due to COVID-19, so - as usual - I stowed away in a box and had a nice long nap snuggled inside a Cthulhu plush slipper on the way up. It was great to be able to see old friends and meet plenty of new faces at the show, which was held inside the Indianapolis Convention Center between Thurs., Sept. 16 and Sun., Sept. 20.

The Toy Vault booth featured many of our fan-favorite plush items, including Ludo and Firey from Jim Henson's Labyrinth, evil bunnies, Black Knights and Tim the Enchanter hats from Monty Python, and Rygel and DRD from Farscape. Of course, Cthulhu was also heavily featured with two different size variations, as well as the aforementioned ever-popular Cthulhu slippers.

Attendees who secured a copy of the official Gen Con coupon booklet with their badges were thrilled to find a special voucher for $10 that could be used on anything at the booth. Many folks came by during the course of the weekend, eager to take advantage of the great deal. By my count, the coupon was probably used mostly to purchase pairs of Monty Python “Rabbit with Big Teeth” slippers, but many visitors opted to use it to pick up either a small or regular sized Red Dragon plush.

During the con, Toy Vault staff got to field many questions from consumers and business partners alike concerning exciting new release items such as two new Pathfinder jigsaw puzzles that are slated to arrive in October, as well as the return of the Labyrinth Worm plush and My First Zombie plush, both of which we will have more of soon!

We love the enthusiasm that our fans show for our products, and there was certainly plenty of that going on at Gen Con. I also love that people tend to drop food, but that's just a rat thing I guess. I think I speak for all the folks here at Toy Vault when I say we would like to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to stop by the booth, and we hope that you will continue to keep an eye on for all the latest news and developments pertaining to our brand.

Thanks! Skrudz out!